Subscription period, transfer ownership


Atola Insight and Atola Imager include free upgrade to new software versions published
within the first year after purchase (warranty period) or within a subscription period.

Software releases published within a covered *) period can be installed and used any
time- even outside of covered period
*) Covered means either within the first year after purchase of the tool or within an active
subscription period.
 * * * 
Atola offers subscriptions (= software updates + warranty) for 1, 2 or 3 years and it is   
possible to buy a subscription (if still offered) at a later time.

Please note:  Atola Europe Distribution grants the warranty only for those units, where   
                       a subscription is bought through our distibution channel.
 * * *
An Atola tool may be transferred / sold at any time. We suggest to inform Atola about  
a change of ownership - but you do not have to do so.

Atola Bandura has reached its final FW version 2.07
Atola Imager, Atola Insight USB + Ethernet have reached the final sw version 3.6 
Atola Disk Recycler software upgrades are for free.