How to .... first time installation

    When we ship a new tool, we automatically send a link and/or
    very detailed information
about 1st time installation.

    Information for the 1st time installation of Atola Insight / Atola Imager     
    the procedure and installation is very simple:
-  After receiving the new Atola tool send us an email with the serial number of the unit.
         Please wait for our answer - otherwise you wont be able to activate your unit.
         This is a protection for you and us, that the correct owner has received the unit.  
      -  You will receive our answer to proceed with the installation and activation. 
          For further details please use this link to sign in  (see the details in our email).
      -  For the activation
(usually necessary only once) of the Atola Insight / Imager you  
          need an active Internet line. Please proceed according to the email link.

    Questions in using the software ?:
    You can find a Manual included in the softwarejust press the <F1> key.   

    And certainly you can contact us - here  are   our contact details