Atola Insight USB

Atola Insight was the first data recovery tool that covered all phases of the data recovery process:

HDD diagnostics was never done this far before (in any software or hardware) as it is done in Atola Insight.
The diagnostic process reports the exact problem with the drive, whether it is a PCB (electronic) failure,
head failure, media damage, motor freezing, firmware area damage or file system damage.

We include now a very detailed Operation Manual (PDF) to each unit.

Atola Insight can work in fully automatic mode: it can automatically diagnose all hard disks components and let
the operator know what the exact problem is and how to fix it; it can also automatically repair the firmware and
show/remove ATA-passwords (User or Master, any security level) of supported_hdd.

The automatic recovery can be stopped at any moment and any task can be done manually by the operator.

Atola Insight was first on the market to offer the following features:

  • Automatic diagnostic of all hard drive components
  • Automatic firmware recovery and ATA password removal of supported hdd
  • Firmware area backup system of supported hdd
  • Real time current monitor
  • Case management system

Atola Insight works right out of the box. All controls are well explained in the program thus eliminating the
need to check with the manual. Clean user interface specifically designed for easy operation.

The unit is on stock in Vienna, Austria, for immediate shipment !

DiskSense USB

DiskSense USB (Atola Insight USB)

  • Source HDD SATA and IDE ports
  • Native ATA/IDE and SATA interface support
  • Hard drive to host duplication via USB (38 MB/sec max transfer speed)
  • Hard-drive duplication through host computer using USB interface (2.2 GB/min max transfer speed)
  • Emergency Stop Button: To terminate current operation immediately
  • To be connected to the USB port on any modern PC or laptop. Perfect also for mobile utilisation. A portable power supply is included.

Here is a deeper explanation for our Bad Sector Recovery.

The unit has outstanding hardware features:

  • Serial port
    with an on-board TTL UART (COM) port for firmware area access of some hard drives
  • Power control
    to take full control over the hard disks power. The protected power source for attached hard drives
    will withstand any overload condition, including a short circuit.
  • Real time current monitor
    for monitoring the 5V and 12V currents separately. The data received from the monitor not only serves as
    a short-circuit protection, but also used for hard drive diagnostics (to detect motor damage, burnt circuits,
    etc). The oscilloscope allows the operator to keep an eye on hard drive power consumption levels.
  • Buzzer and LED indicators
  • inform about finishing a long operation (or in case of an error) with an. LED indicators display the status
    of the HDD power, operation/error status, IDE/SATA activity (BUSY/DATA), and RS-232 port activity.
  • Write protection switch
    Turned on it disables a write operation to the source drive


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