Atola Bandura

_Atola Bandura
is a unique standalone high speed hard disk duplication and diagnostic tool.

_It allows fast disk duplication, automatic checkup, comparison, and secure data erasure.
_The tool can work with damaged disk drives and handles bad sectors properly.
_An intuitive touch screen user interface allows launching any task in just 2 touches.


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  • 3,3" color touch screen with User Interface
  • 2 port native SATA support (Source + Target)
  • Logging on to external USB stick (for reports)
  • Write protection for source disk.
  • Stop + resume duplication session at any time.
  • Extreme fast duplication speed - up to 16GB/min (265MB/s).
  • Handles bad sectors and even works with severely damaged HDD.
  • Multi-pass-imaging: Retrieves most data as quick as possible in the first pass and the rest in the following passes.
  • Secure disk erasing with custom patterns: maximum speed is 17 GB/min (280 MB/s)
  • Checksum calculation: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • Disk diagnosis – PCB, head stack, firmware, SMART, media, file system checks
  • Repair bad sectors function (for so called "soft bad sectors")
  • HPA / DCO max address management
  • Imaging: Read Long option for bad sectors on the last imaging pass
  • Erasing: Erase source & target HDD simultaneously
  • Forensic: Checksum calculation for source + target HDD at same time

Examples of use:

  • 2 touch quick HDD test - no need for a technician or a specialist
  • Data recovery from damaged hard drives
  • Quick cloning of only occupied sectors:
    - hdd duplicating for new pc-systems
    - much quicker data retrieval from a damaged HDD
  • Additional duplication tool to free up a tool with different high end features
  • Secure data destruction (disk wipe/erase)
  • 1:1 write-protected data acquisition
  • Disk comparison (locate sectors that are different on two drives)

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